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"On The Battleground" matted 5 x 7 print -- Mission 22 Fundraiser Price $25

$30.00 $25.00


"On The Battleground" by: Shelba King

5 x 7 matted print

Originally $30, special Mission 22 fundraiser price $25 ($5 from each sale will be donated to Mission 22 []).

“On The Battleground” is an original abstract by Shelba King.  She explains, “The minute I viewed this piece, I was captivated by the images that revealed themselves to me.  I saw the soldier with his rifle on a ledge, and as my eyes moved down I saw another soldier squatting behind him.  A bunker or tent then appeared to house another soldier.  I can also see a medic helping a wounded soldier.  I was in such awe, and I could barely believe my eyes.  Chills came over me as I stepped back and viewed the picture as a whole.”  King immediately knew that this piece was destined to serve a purpose bigger than herself, and she decided to partner with Creative Studios NC to host a fundraiser for Mission 22 (, who’s parent company is Elder Heart (